Apr 14

SW: TOR Update

It looks like some of the changes in patch 1.2 modified the formulas that I was using. From what I’ve seen this only affects the multiplayer gain for Legacy experience. From reading the patch notes it appears that Legacy XP from warzones now matches XP gain from PVE. I probably won’t update the spreadsheet with the new values, so you’ll have to change them by hand to see the correct results.

Mar 27

Star Wars: The Old Republic

If you like MMO’s, or perhaps just Star Wars, then you’ve most likely heard about Star Wars: The Old Republic. You’ve also probably also heard people ranting about the unfinished nature of certain key elements, so I won’t go into it here. However, I did create a spreadsheet, that you can find here: SWTOR Spreadsheet (XLSX). I also had some notes in OneNote, that I saved out to a PDF here (note: they are really rough notes).

The contents are outlined below.

  • XP – Character – Character experience point table. Used in formulas later in the workbook.
  • XP – Social – Charts/formulas to identify how long it will take to gain a social level. There’s a lot of interconnected data in here, and uses the “Black Talon” Flashpoint as a base.
  • XP – Legacy – Charts/formulas to identify how long it will take to gain a legacy level. Basically, may $deity have mercy on your soul if you choose to level Legacy via PvP (it takes about twice as long).
  • Affection Gain – Charts on how to gain maximum affection for your first companion, as well as how many times it takes replaying a Flashpoint to get maximum Force. This data was based off of Black Talon.
  • PVP Level Charts – Charts on how long (average) it takes to level via PvP. Starting in the 30′s you’ll need to enter your own XP and match average, but the formulas are already in place.
  • PVP – Alderaan – Just some basic calculations for the Alderaan warzone, because I wanted to see how long each match would take.
  • PVP – Warzone Times – Average times for the different Warzones.

Sadly, my interest in the game is waning. There are too many problems with the game. One of the biggest things that annoyed me was all of the empty planets that I had to run around to do quests. At one point you are sent from Planet A, to Planet B, to Planet C, back to Planet A…and each stop was just to talk to one NPC. We have holo-communicator thingies, people…let us use them!!!


Ok, so maybe I’ll rant about it in the future. But my frustration with the quest system (and how long it took) prompted me to start recording data for PvP. What I found is that PvP is a much faster, less annoying, method of leveling up. At least until you get your speeder. Of course once you get your speeder you’re also sent on to huge planets with sparse content…

Anyways! Even though the spreadsheet isn’t complete, I decided to upload it for other people to use. I’m most likely not going to work on it for a bit, while I wait for them to release some patches that make the game more fun. Hopefully the spreadsheet is useful to someone. :)

Click the “More” button below to see a few excerpts.

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May 01

CityVille – An Exercise

Last week-end I posted about the spreadsheets that I created for CityVille. The site that I linked had a very useful diagram on it to min/max decorations: http://blog.games.com/2010/12/14/cityville-cheats-and-tips-how-decorations-earn-you-more-coins/. One of the things that I discovered was that businesses don’t have to be connected to a road in order to have customers. You also get the coin bonus on “harvest” time.

Taking these two concepts together I have a row of businesses off by themselves, not connected to a road (just takes up space). I then cycle them into the middle of the discount nexus to gain the maximum discount for each shop (the Extreme Sports shop, which grants the best return/cargo according to my spreadsheet).

I was telling this to a friend, and saying that my interest in the title was waning (same problem as usual: what’s there to do in the end-game?). The idea was floated that I should see if scripting the game would be worthwhile.

So, after spending a few hours on it yesterday, I have the answer.

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Apr 26


A few days ago a friend of mine stopped by and asked me “Do you like SimCity?” Of course I like the occassional Sim title. I have fond memories of “playing” city building games…gave me plenty of time to read a book while I waited for something to happen in them.

The game my friends was talking about is some new Zynga title called “CityVille“. So, after not much convincing, I found myself loading it up. One of the things that I liked right off the bat is that the quests kept things moving along nicely. I eventually did run out of turns, but instead of being bored I found that I had started to jot down notes.

It took 25 minutes from the point that I started playing this game until the time I opened a spreadsheet to start recording data.

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Feb 25

Dungeon Overlord

A few days ago I was telling one of my co-workers about the fabulous games known as “Dungeon Keeper”. I was bemoaning the fact that the world will probably never see a proper sequel.

Apparently the fine folks at SOE listened. They just released a┬ánew Facebook game called Dungeon Overlord. It hits all the right “Evil Overlord” pleasure buttons in my brain, starting with the background music based on “In the Hall of the Mountain King” (one of my favorite classical pieces, composed by Edward Grieg). The only thing missing is the booming voice welcome you to the dungeon with a evil, “Hello Keeper.”

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