About :: The Site

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Gamer Monkey website.

The current incarnation of the site was designed as a place for me to share files and thoughts with people. Specifically I found that as I play games I tend to create spreadsheets, and I wanted a place to easily share them with friends. If anyone else finds them useful then that’s great!

Since this is a public website I’ll also be posting my thoughts on games that I’m playing, books that I’m reading, or other topics related to software testing as they occur to me (which likely won’t be all that often). Hopefully that will add some flavor to the proceedings. If all you want is the spreadsheets, well that’s fine as well. They can be found here: Game Docs

There are actually various forms of this blog that I’ve done over the years. I’ll be moving content over from these other systems on an infrequent basis, but I’ll try to keep the original post-dates intact. So if you suddenly see new (older) posts, that’s why. I’m also in the process of updating the documents a bit to add things like an index, change history, that sort of thing. Oh, and converting them to XLSX since I really like the way the new version of Office handles spreadsheets. I may also convert them to Google Docs eventually, since some folks may not have a copy of Microsoft Office.

The only other thing to note about the site is that it will tend to lean more towards PC and Console gaming. This is due to the fact that those platforms seem to have the more complex systems that I find myself jotting notes down on. There’s not really much data to create a spreadsheet on for a game like Bejeweled. I may eventually post some thoughts on various casual games, since they make up the majority of what I play these days.